Virtual/Executive Assistant

Talisay City   |   Full Time

To provide administrative support to assigned client/customer/team

•    Perform various administrative tasks, including but not limited to:

a.    Answering calls, emails, and any forms of communication media, and similar tasks

b.    Scheduling and organizing meetings/appointments/itineraries and related arrangements

c.    Encoding, data entry and taking notes during meetings 

•    Identify and assess client/customers’ needs to achieve satisfaction

•    Build sustainable relationships and trust with client/customer accounts through open and interactive communication

•    Handle records of client/customer interactions, process client/customer accounts and file documents in a confidential manner

To provide Professional; IT/ Technical and Sales support to Client/Customer, as well as handle operational tasks.

•    Professional support:

a.    Handle basis financial tasks in accounting

b.    Make business purchases and deals with vendors

c.    Share industry-related advice and guidance

•    IT/Technical support:

a.    Identify and handle website maintenance and updates

b.    Manage servers, networks, and office hardware in terms of monitoring and reporting to proper authorized channels for resolution

c.    Provide basic tech support to client/customer and vendors

•    Sales Support:

a.    Drive traffic to online storefronts

b.    Create promotional campaigns and events

c.    Find and engage potential customers

•    Operational Tasks:

a.    Advice on best business practices

b.    Build a robust team of virtual assistants

c.    Handle scheduling and delegate tasks

To be able to follow proper schedule adherence

•    Observed proper attendance in the assigned work schedule

•    To report to the center per schedule indicated in a timely and accurate manner

•    To provide proper notification proceeding in terms of failure to follow the schedule

•    To be able to inform the immediate superior of any attendance issues and inquiries

Adheres to policies and procedures set forth by the company

•    Log-ins and out depending on the schedule provided to them

•    Understand the Company code of conduct and its provisions therein 

Training for basic knowledge on the account

•    Attends training conducted to know the responsibilities of the assigned account

•    Know the tools and necessary equipment to use to handle the customer’s issues and concerns

•    Know the proper department to contact for escalations and resolution management. 

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